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8 generations to gender parity | #WeCanDoBetter

According to the World Economic forum it will take us 217 years or 8 generations to reach gender parity | #WeCanDoBetter

With the current pace, it is not until the childhood of your own children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children that we reach gender parity. It is 8 generations down the road...

bob体育网站In this year's all March campaign we highlight disruptive initiatives that push the parity change to happen. Some examples origins from inside of the Impact sector, but some are gathered from the private sector. Throughout the month of March, we mix popular historical content with best practices, interviews, podcasts and articles with women that have made positive impact on their life and career project. We promote entrepreneurs that work to make the world more equal. And we collect thousands of jobs from all our partners.

Career profiles lacking both women talent and leaders - learn how to accelerate your career at the United Nations

Apply smartly by knowing exactly which areas and profiles the United Nations is struggling to fill the most. Luckily for our talented women at Impactpool, 8 out of 10 jobs are preferring women applicants

Learn where to apply? What nationalities and what kind of previous experiences mean an advantage? What training background and expertise give women an edge when competing on a global scale? 

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Listen to Comfort Lamptey, UN Women's Country Representative in Nigeria

bob体育网站Comfort Lamptey is UN Women’s Country Representative in Nigeria. Comfort has spent most of her professional life working on gender issues. In this featured WeCanDoBetter episode, she explains how her interest in promoting gender equality started out of curiosity of where all the women were, how she sees the necessity to transform societies, and 

Content Calendar

  • 1
    In October 2019, UNV announced that they reached full gender parity among its UN Volunteers! What could be a better article to use to start off the 2020 WeCanDoBetter month!
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  • 3
    As part of the #WeCanDoBetter campaign, Anna Cook, Deputy Head of Talent Acquisition at CERN will give you an overview of CERN as a place to work and learn, with an insight into the available opportunities to join this amazing Organization. She will be joined by Saida Khan, a computer engineer who will give you her personal story of how she came to CERN and what it’s like to work there.
    Webinar cern for wecandobetter 0247fc25 a359 4572 af04 c3449dbbcb15
  • 5
    Watch the #WeCanDoBetter UNESCO Career Webinar: Advancing Women in Science. This popular webinar was presented by UNESCO and Impactpool as part of Women in Tech for Impact #WIT4impact in 2019.
    Watch the wecandobetter unesco career webinar advancing women in science c7b1d8fc 1d58 4ff5 9c62 067280231b79
  • 6
    Meet Becky Bakr Abdulla, Media Coordinator in Iraq for the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). Listening to this podcast episode will really give you an understanding of the importance of communications and what it means to be working in a conflict situation for an international organization such as the NRC.
    Becky bakr abdulla podcast
  • 7
    "Patience and perseverance are critical for a career in international diplomacy" says Ria Sen (India). Ria works as a Preparedness and Resilience Officer in the TEChnology Division of the World Food Programme. Ria holds an MSc in Media, Communication, and Development London School of Economics and we asked her a few quick questions.
    Myimpactstory  ria sen rosters at the world food programme 055cc569 0beb 4986 b1d9 252d01ecf021
  • 8
    WHO and UNV take #collaboration4talents very seriously. On International Women’s Day, together they announced the launch of the African Women Health Champions. As part of this project, they will create 100 African Women Health Champions with the focus to strengthen the health sector and combat diseases in the region.
    Who and unv creates 200 new junior assignments for women in africa da551192 99d4 4fb0 9221 010ac53418b5
  • 9
    Christine Spiten is a truly innovative engineer from Norway whose underwater drones can help us save the oceans. In 2018 she was honored to be included on the Forbes list, 30 Under 30 - Europe - Technology. A list identifying the world's most influential tech talents under the age of 30. Read about her amazing career story and get her best tips on how to contribute to a sustainable future.
    Myimpactstory making an impact for healthy oceans meet christine spiten 32a84da7 8f24 4e15 a96d 99b13b87e091
  • 10
    This is a popular blog post written by Kristina Koch when she served in the capacity as Chief of the Recruitment Section for UN Field Missions. Currently, she is the Chief, Staffing Innovation and Process Improvement. In this article, Kristina shares her biggest challenges in recruiting for gender parity in the deep field.
    What is it like to be a woman working in the deep field in un peackeeping c5e87667 b891 4d34 85d0 fa209f28bf57
  • 12
    This webinar is presented by UNOPS and Impactpool as part of Women in Tech for Impact #WIT4impact The live event took place in November, 2018.
    Watch the webinar   unops careers to build a better world wit4impact e1c57b40 c08b 408e 9131 ffcef1e0fcd0
  • 13
    The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is the world’s leading humanitarian organization and works to achieve Zero Hunger. WFP offers opportunities for talent to make a difference the world will notice. Read about the life-changing experiences of a young African talent who has reached beyond herself and discovered her true potential at WFP.
    Working for wfp as an african millennial meet victoria kamara communication associate 27c0791e 0bc3 4cca b24a b1b25c7546ea
  • 17
    An Impactpool talent survey shows that women who served as a UN Volunteer before their first UN staff position are close to 70% more likely to stay in the UN system compared with colleagues not having any previous UN Volunteer experience. In this article, we present data that shows how reaching gender parity at UNV will benefit the whole UN system.
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  • 19
    Making an impact for gender parity. Meet Claudia Linke-Heep at United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).
    Myimpactstory  making an impact for gender parity meet claudia linke heep 2ee9906b b393 4404 b7d8 792ec0caa438
  • 20
    Kristina Lunz and Marissa Conway co-founded the world’s first organisation on feminist foreign policy - the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy. Read Impactpool's interview on how they build an organisation from scratch and why we need a feminist foreign policy
    Myimpactstory why we need a feminist foreign policy and how we are turning the utopia into reality dd966c9b fabe 42e3 8946 511418f204c4
  • 26
    Learn more about WIPO’s innovative work in technology from three inspiring women: Chitra Narayanaswamy, Kim Miles-Reimschuessel, and Mona Remlawi. Hear about their daily work, personal journeys and gain tips to position yourself in this fast-changing landscape.
    Webinar learn from wipo senior women in tech f2a0f1a5 ca14 46de 8d49 7964963dc50a
  • 27
    "Bias Bites”, is bite-sized learning about bias and how it can “bite” all of us in our daily interactions with others. Throughout February OSCE sent their staff a daily email with thoughts on what bias is and how we can all interrupt it to make a more inclusive and harmonious workplace. In this article, we learn about this project from Michael Conneely, Deputy Director of HR, Head of Talent Management at the OSCE.
    Daily nudging of bite sized learnings to disrupt gender related biases at osce 30c932b0 6162 4f7f 94f8 114078a7f0f6
  • 28
    In line with our commitment to women’s empowerment, UNOPS is encouraging more women to work in the construction industry as part of a road infrastructure project in The Gambia.
    Breaking down barriers for women in the gambia e5d6a984 a5ab 4dcd 9e3c 2893d7419a90